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About Jennifer

Jennifer Mills is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Traditional Reiki Master Teacher. She is also a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and received her B.S. in Environmental Resource Management with emphases in Biology and Industrial Health and Safety. Her boundless quest for helping others and strong drive for questioning has led her to pursue a career in complementary medicine, specifically working with the body's energies and beyond.

Jennifer constantly finds herself inspired by nature, story, and the spirit of transition. We live our lives passionately through how we see our stories unfold and nature gracefully mirrors this reality...the building and unfolding...the change in seasons, the shifting of our lives, the variations within a piece of music, art, and the shifting colors of a sunset. She is deeply rooted in her understanding that we are ever-changing creatures passing through an ever-changing, beautifully crafted world.

Jennifer's passion lies with exploring the body’s energies and learning how we each respond to our external environment. She started studying and practicing energy work after it proved to be instrumental for helping her through her own healing journey in 2005. Starting in 2007, she began serving the community as a practitioner. She is now seeing clients and teaching workshops on a very limited basis, as she is dedicating the lion's share of her time by serving as Communications Coordinator for Eden Energy Medicine Programs.

Through this tapestry of woven experiences, Jennifer's mission is to help heal and build community by helping others work with and understand their energies. She hopes to grasp a bit of this energetic wonder and joy between her fingers and swirl the meaning of it all through her work and writing.

In her free time, Jennifer prefers spending time outside celebrating the very distinct seasons of rural Western New York. She can usually be found barefoot and covered with soil in the herb garden, hiking with her dogs, kayaking the local waterways, writing, reading, and meditating under her favorite trees in the woods. She feels her biggest blessing is to be a part of a beautiful circle of family and friends who nourish and inspire one another, including her daughter Emily Saige who happens to be Jennifer's greatest inspiration.

Articles and Writing Projects

The Life Connection Magazine

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Venture Inward Magazine: Edgar Cayce Institute

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SageWoman Magazine Blogs: The Edge of Her

The Edge of Her is dedicated to all who honor the edge of our creation through life's traditions, stories, and connections with the Divine Feminine. "When you can't go forward and you can't go backward, and you can't stay where you are without killing off what is deep and vital in yourself, you are on the edge of creation." ~ Sue Monk Kidd


Jennifer follows her love of the written word, her muse, and catalogs these experiences through her Energy Experience blog.



Jennifer was invited to collaborate with 17 others from the Eden Energy Medicine community beginning in June, 2011.  She has birthed seven articles for the Making Eden Energy Medicine Our Own project led by Barbara Ann O'Leary.  You may click here to access those seven pieces. (Photograph by Barbara Ann O'Leary)




Jennifer was featured in the February 2011 edition of Lake Erie LifeStyle Magazine in an article titled "Energy Rx Helps and Heals".  You may click here and turn to pages 34 - 35 to read more.





Visual artist, writer, and percussionist Stephanie Smith highlights a few beautiful, shared experiences with Jennifer after staying with her in September 2010:

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