Spring Greetings! A big shift is underway within The Energy Experience!


Here’s an exciting new announcement from Jennifer Mills. Happy Spring, everyone!

Hello, Friends!

First off, I sure hope you are well!

It may have been a while since we’ve formally been in touch over email and, for many of you, we may have been out of touch since I stepped back from my Energy Medicine practice in 2013. At that time I chose to dedicate the bulk of my time working with the Eden Energy Medicine community by serving as their Communications Coordinator. It's been an amazing 5.5 years working directly with Donna Eden, David Feinstein, and their team. I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to witness firsthand how very dedicated the EEM group is to truly walking the walk in their mission to “Raise the Vibration of the Planet, One Person at a Time.” It’s been incredibly expansive and educational, connective and fulfilling.

But, like everything we experience in life, change is a necessary part of growth, and over the past year I have recognized on a profound level just how much I missed working one-on-one with clients and facilitating workshops. Even though I was feeling completely enlivened and honored to connect with a greater community of practitioners and teachers across the world, I missed having the time set aside to work closely with community members right within my geographical region.

I shared a heartfelt note with two of my Directors three months ago on the Winter Solstice, letting them know it was time for me to move on. The team has been incredibly supportive and excited for me, including our own lovely Donna Eden who shared with me recently she feels this new path is fulfilling my destiny. Who can argue with that?!

It was decided the beginning of spring would be my jumping off point, so over the winter months – so rich in their ability to invite deepening, sensing, feeling – have been spent dreaming and planning into next phase. Here we are at the beginning of the spring season already!

I am pleased to share I am now booking
private sessions in Erie, PA starting April 16th!

Join us for monthly workshops
in Erie and North East, PA starting April 12th!

A few introductions…

One of my awesome partners on this new journey is Erin Fleming, a dear friend, gifted yoga instructor, and colleague from our days together at the Glenwood Y. Erin and I met over the winter months to dream and collaborate. Erin is deeply aligned with this work and warmly invited me to share her sacred space at Pranayoga – A Little Breathing Room in Erie, PA. This is where I will be offering the bulk of my sessions and two monthly workshops. I must share that Pranayoga is a FANTASTIC space for this work and is beautifully set up for private sessions and workshops! 

Private sessions in this space will begin April 16th and will be booked Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. We will host a monthly Daily Energy Routine Happy Hour there one Friday every month and will host a monthly Energy Medicine Study Group there one Tuesday every month!

Dear friends Ruth and Dave Dennis have invited me to share Energy Medicine workshops in North East, PA. We will hold a monthly Energy Medicine Study Group one Wednesday every month in the Sweetwater Ballroom, just above the Lake Country Bike Shop and Subway!

Check out The Energy Experience website for complete details for both private session work and gatherings!

There’s one more integral team member to introduce you to who is not only an integral part of my personal life, but also now an integral part of my professional life. My partner David Archibald has recently finished the first year of Eden Energy Medicine Foundations training and is preparing to dive in to the Year 2 Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in Baltimore, Maryland come June! While David will not yet be seeing clients formally, you’ll experience us working in tandem to offer some workshops around the region, including where he is based in State College, PA! If you’ve been a part of the annual Great Rhythm Revival retreat in Sherman, NY over these last couple of years, you’ll recognize David as my co-facilitator for the three Energy Medicine workshops offered during the four-day event. This coming August will usher in the 10th year of the event, with Energy Medicine being a part of it every year! Come join us again in August!

Thank you for joining us on this journey.
It is an honor to serve you and share with you these
profound and powerful techniques for healing and balance.

Are you ready to dive deeper into your own energy systems
to find deeper balance, healing, and clarity?

Are you ready to learn more about your own
energy systems during a private session?

Check out The Energy Experience website for complete details.

With sincere and humble gratitude, and with language that has carefully passed through the sacred chambers of my heart/mind/spirit, it is such an honor to have such a strong and vibrant community of individuals join me in this amazing, empowering, and profound work from its beginning back in 2008 and celebrate with us these newest developments.

Please reach out to us with how we can best serve you as we begin this new phase. Join us on Facebook and/or Instagram to stay tuned to upcoming announcements, and please do share with your friends and family members. This work is meant to be shared!
With love and gratitude,
Jennifer Mills

P.S. please check out the new Energy Experience website and join us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with resources and announcements!