At its core, Energy Medicine is a gentle, non-invasive way of approaching and working directly with the subtle energies within and around the physical body. Energies move in patterns, can become stagnant and blocked. Identifying the health and vibrancy - and any challenges that may arise with the energies - allows a practitioner and client to become more informed as to what methods or protocols will work best to bring everything back into balance. If left out of balance for long periods of time, these energies can then then begin to shift more perceptible patterns within the physical and emotional states of an individual. A session is an invitation to assess what energies are most beneficial to work with, along with inviting the client to become more attuned to recognizing how they can learn how to work with their own systems.

A session runs 90 minutes and is typically is offered with the client laying comfortably on a massage table. Some work can be done standing or sitting too, and the client remains clothed through the entire session. The touch offered by the practitioner is primarily hands-on, similar to other modalities. It is non-invasive and very light, sometimes imperceptible. There are times when deep work can be achieved without touching the body at all, and a typical session will invite the client into a deeply relaxed, very quiet state. Falling asleep is very common!

Within energy work, we approach working with an individual from a completely different perspective than the traditional biochemical / mechanical aspects of what is considered our “matter.” Energy and matter is all related of course, but the anatomy we focus on in energy sessions is entirely based on the energies of the body, not the material body itself. The body is the "map" for how we can access the energies. There are nine primary energy systems that may be assessed, and we work closely with many sub-systems too. All of us contain these energies, and it is not necessary to “believe” in them. Even animals, fish, birds and plants contain energy systems! Our energies run on what is commonly recognized as the circadian rhythm, and a deep energy session can affect the rhythm for two to three days after the 90 minutes on the table.

Both practitioner and client will begin by making sure they are grounded, hydrated, and will establish healthy energetic boundaries before proceeding. The first 10 to 15 minutes are spent checking-in while energy systems are assessed for health and vibrancy. Then, balance is asked for using a variety of techniques and protocols for about an hour. The client may notice internal shifts immediately like sounds from the digestive system, emotions rising to the surface of conscious thought, areas of tightness in the body opening up. There may be no perceptible shift too, as each individual’s energy systems are as personal and distinct as as fingerprint. There is no one-size-fits-all method, and balance is dictated by the energies with what is needed in the moment. The session will begin to close between 75 to 80 minutes in for one last check-in for grounding and to establish any final needs the client may have. Self-care techniques will also be shared, as self-care is an instrumental practice in energy work. Please note the bottom of each session page for more detail.


Working with Jennifer

Each energy practitioner will approach the work from their own perspective. Jennifer primarily leans on the teachings within what is taught in Eden Energy Medicine and Usui Reiki. Jennifer also calls on her intuitive skills and introduces soft sound with instruments or her voice by toning if it feels beneficial.

While Jennifer loves working with a client one-on-one on the table, a lot of what she shares in addition to the work on the table are self-care techniques for the client to take home. This helps for deeper energetic integration: energy runs in patterns, and the more we help to influence the patterns to run in healthy ways, the more they respond!

Jennifer is both deeply kinesthetic and empathic, and experiences the energies as "weather patterns," constantly shifting and changing...so imagine your energies as being represented on a radar screen with your body being the map. There are somewhat predictable patterns, yet the energies will shift widely depending on the time of day, what you've had to eat, if you are properly hydrated, if you are grounded, how your moods are presenting, hormone shifts, whether you've had enough rest, etc.

The most fascinating thing Jennifer finds regarding energies is how we respond in relationship, and she uses this term with respect to relationship within all types of interactions...how we respond to internal and external stimuli (stress levels, weather, food and drink, indoors vs. outdoors, how we interact with those around us, if we're engaging with our passions, etc.). It's all a dance of relationship, and how the energies are affected by what we internalize and introduce externally to our systems. Einstein said in essence, "Everything is energy!" and Jennifer finds that to be absolutely true!

Jennifer feels that working with a practitioner can be optimal when necessary, and incredibly beneficial when deep healing and balance is being called for. Energy work is above all else, an empowering, daily self-care practice like yoga, hiking, Tai Chi, dance, meditation, eating well, etc. Above all else, when Jennifer is working one-on-one with a client, she invites them to call the shots with what is most comfortable emotionally/mentally/spiritually/physically.