It is an incredible honor to share sacred time with others, especially when we are entrusted to work from a deep healing perspective. We are grateful for those who allow us to share our gifts to help them bloom. Here is a selection of what a few have offered...

…glad that she went to the Great Rhythm Revival and that Jennifer Mills taught the energy healing workshop. I practice my Daily Energy Routine before my yoga and meditation, and am feeling so good these days!
— K.M.
You were wonderful, full of emotion, passion and ‘colors.’ This is what people like, and I know that they can feel it.
— M.H.
Thank you for the blessing and are amazing!!! First chance I’ve been able to get on the computer....been a whirlwind of energetic bliss since I’ve arrived home. Life surely conspires in our favor.....infinitely!
— L.S.
Ahh, darling, beautiful, beloved Jennifer! You are the best of ALL worlds, with the wisdom and grace of divine mother herself. And then this joyous, unconditional love of a newborn puppy! I always feel so happy to connect with you! Even knowing you’re in the world gives me so much gladness and hope, darling Jennifer. Thank you for your very kind words and support.
— R.T.
YOU!!!! You beautiful soul!!! You have no idea how deeply your acceptance affected me... YOU pushed the healing from that monumental rejection into a place I didn’t even know existed! I’ve been able to close the door on it, and honestly just turn away and move forward. I’ve never been able to move on from something like that so completely. I’m not who I was then, I am something completely different now. You were instrumental in that, dear one, THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to continuing the connection as well!!!
— C.C.
Thank you so much for helping to facilitate healing between Dave and me. I am deeply grateful for you. You are a white beautiful shining light. I hope you know how amazing you are.
— A.D.